In-House, Physician-Supervised Infusion Center

Supporting Patients and Providers in the Pioneer Valley Area

Program Benefits

  • Clean, quiet, and comfortable infusion location for patients to receive care
  • Our infusion nurse closely monitors all infusions
  • Full insurance benefits review, prior authorization process and financial support investigation
  • More cost-effective than hospital-based infusions

Therapies Commonly Provided


  • Nulojix®
  • Ultomiris®
  • Krystexxa®
  • Rituxan®
  • Iron products


  • Remicade® & biosimilars
  • Entyvio®
  • Cimzia®
  • Stelara®
  • Zinplava®
  • Iron products


  • Leqvio®


  • IV Immunoglobulin (IVIg)
  • Solu-Medrol®
  • Tysabri®
  • Magnesium
  • Ocrevus®
  • D.H.E 45®
  • Other therapies


  • Xolair®
  • Fasenra®, Nucala®, Cinqair®
  • IV Immunoglobulin (IVIg)
  • SC Immunoglobulin (SCIg)


  • Remicade® & biosimilars
  • Cimzia®
  • Actemra®
  • Simponi Aria®
  • Orencia®
  • Stelara®
  • Rituxan®
  • Prolia®
  • Reclast®
  • Benlysta®
  • Krystexxa®
  • Other therapies

How to Make A Referral

  1. Download the appropriate referral form:   
  2. Complete the referral form in its entirety and submit it LINK NEEDED TO SECURE FORM along with the required supplemental clinical documentation to our infusion team.
  3. Our infusion team will send an acknowledgment of receipt and will begin the insurance benefits investigation and prior authorization process. Our team may reach out to you if any additional clinical notes are required to obtain authorization. This process typically takes two weeks for any complex biological medications.
  4. Once insurance coverage is verified and prior authorization is granted, our infusion team will notify you and contact the patient to review any financial responsibility and schedule their visit.

Please also know that keeping you informed is our highest priority. Any labs will be sent back to your practice, and you will also receive a progress note after each service appointment.